We offer packages to fit any need or budget.


Customization to suit each individual, each life, we work with is key to all we do at Media Time Capsule. We will help you create a personalized package that meets your needs and respects your budget. Below are sample packages that illustrate our most popular services.


The Personal Time Capsule package is an ideal way to share a personal legacy, including photos, home movies, and music, without the subject interview, or where one is not possible. This is your opportunity to tell your loved ones the real story of your life… In your own words – honestly.


The Legacy Film Time Capsule package is our most popular option. A real biographical film of this quality and depth truly celebrates the inner story of a period of life, and conveys the personality, the essence of the subject along with interviews with loved ones to help bring the story alive.


The Epic Time Capsule package is for those who are looking to capture very in-depth details of a person’s life – achievements, failures, hopes – the unique things that make life messy, exciting and memorable at the same time. This is the most ambitious of Media Time Capsule’s packages.


The purpose of this process is to evoke stories from you that might otherwise be lost. Maybe right now your grandchild isn’t mature enough to wrap their head around the wisdom you’ve collected throughout a lifetime.

One day they will be.

Maybe you’ll write some ideas down on paper, but ultimately, you’ll want to tell them in audio or video – where your personality told through your inflections and body language. There is no right or wrong way to do this. Each person’s story and experience is… personal.


There is no perfect production. The exact nature of the Media Time Capsule depends on the subject and the participants. Sometimes you’re telling the next generation about the love story of your 50-year marriage. Sometimes you’re sharing your experience from a war. Sometimes you’re sharing the lessons life has taught you the hard way. It’s okay to cry. It’s certainly okay to laugh.

Just be real.


Maybe you want to review your Media Time Capsule – maybe not. But either way, you should review the value of the experience. Often recording & producing an MTC opens Pandora’s box, and people realize that there are layers to life and understanding that they’ve just now grasped. As a service, we can deliver the media to where it needs to go, in whatever form, or archive for the future.

We highly recommend watching Dave Isay’s TED Talk before you decide on the direction of your Media Time Capsule.

A part of doing this was turning my back on the way I was brought up. Illness, and cancer specifically, was something we were told never to speak about. I know that sentiment is old fashioned, but I also knew there was a chance I wouldn't make it. I needed to get my experiences out of me, so that some of the younger children in my family - and their children - would have a chance to know who I was...

Virginia Searcy | Cancer Survivor

We put so much energy into life, that it seems almost futile to have it slip away without documenting some of it. When I looked back on my mother and I's relationship, it wasn't even the "good" things necessarily that defined us. I actually wanted to talk about the traumas that almost destroyed us. In the end, it was the right way to go about it, and MTC was very sympathetic to us...

Megan Azdhari | Daughter

This was really a great opportunity. My wife suffers with a rare form of dementia, and we'd always talked about having someone come into our home and take pictures and record her stories. The whole thing was a great experience for her, and for me. I've had so much anger since her diagnosis...

Les Johnson | Caregiver