Your chance to tell the story of a lifetime.


The Epic Time Capsule package is for those who are looking to capture very in-depth details of a person’s life – achievements, failures, hopes – the unique things that make life messy, exciting and memorable at the same time. The final product likens to an “A&E Biography” in scope and quality, and offers an intimate, nuanced look at a person’s story.


This enhanced length is highly recommended for those who might like to include additional interviewees for added, personalized perspective. This option is also desirable for those who seek to capture an in-depth look at special times, around big changes, bold ideas, or even tell a story to share with their entire community. This 60-120 minute documentary includes:

  • music & titles
  • 6 hours of interviews with 1-3 subjects
  • 20-30 minutes of archival media, including,
  • 60-90 photographs/slides
  • home movies/home video
  • artifacts & keepsake clips
  • 2 DVDs/BluRay of final product

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How does the production process play out?… And it seems almost unrealistic to deliver this much product for such a small price. How does MTC do it?

Because Media Time Capsule has been successful in producing quality biopic films of people’s lives & stories, we’ve necessarily failed several times. We’ve found the pitfalls and the time “quicksand” that turn otherwise good intentions into inefficiency explosions. Therefore, we insist that the process follow the following steps.

  1. An intial call takes place between you and an MTC Planner. We discuss which stories you’re going to tell, roughly the amount of time you’ll cover and how much media you have to support the story.
  2. You mail, or deliver, or somehow get us the media ahead of time and we digitize it (and color correct as needed). We then label it chronologically in the order that you’ll need it to appear during filming.
  3. We have one more short call and discuss an outline to the production. We set a date to shoot.
  4. We mic you up, go through the very simple process of shooting, test sound, and roll cameras. The magic of MTC’s efficiency is in the shooting. We edit while we shoot, so by the time we’re done, the only work left is up to the computer. Within a week (or sooner as needed) you’ll have your completed project in hand.

More questions?

Ready to get started? Drop us a line and we’ll get back to you within 24ish hours. Maybe check out this page of FAQs, or if you have really specific questions or need to get started now, fill out this form.


A part of doing this was turning my back on the way I was brought up. Illness, and cancer specifically, was something we were told never to speak about. I know that sentiment is old fashioned, but I also knew there was a chance I wouldn't make it. I needed to get my experiences out of me, so that some of the younger children in my family - and their children - would have a chance to know who I was...

Virginia Searcy | Cancer Survivor

We put so much energy into life, that it seems almost futile to have it slip away without documenting some of it. When I looked back on my mother and I's relationship, it wasn't even the "good" things necessarily that defined us. I actually wanted to talk about the traumas that almost destroyed us. In the end, it was the right way to go about it, and MTC was very sympathetic to us...

Megan Azdhari | Daughter

This was really a great opportunity. My wife suffers with a rare form of dementia, and we'd always talked about having someone come into our home and take pictures and record her stories. The whole thing was a great experience for her, and for me. I've had so much anger since her diagnosis...

Les Johnson | Caregiver